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vegepedia’ is the sixth and newest installment in the vegebook series of adult coloring books by nick dolan. one of the world’s only “open source” coloring books, ‘vegepedia’ is a gift to the community and an artistic experiment. Nick’s newest book is more than just a compilation of bizarre coloring pages, it is a creative seed that strives to germinate other works of art by removing common limitations on distribution and modification, and making the source files to all the artwork freely downloadable and editable. Released under the least restrictive creative commons license (cc by 4.0), vegepedia encourages and allows people to not only color Vegeworld, but to co-create it.

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in the vast world of adult coloring books, vegedex easily stands out as one of the most unique, bizarre, and intricate adult coloring books on the market. more than just a coloring book however: vegedex is an important  reference for all extraplanar visitors to vegeworld and will educate as much as it entertains while familiarizing you with vegeworld’s most important characters, creatures, plants, and artifacts. while nick’s other books have been dominated by extremely intricate and time-consuming coloring pages, vegedex has responded to fan feedback by offering a much more balanced range of difficulties and detail-levels among its 60+ single-sided illustrations. click the cover to learn more.


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nick dolan’s first ever and best-selling coloring book, vegebook, contains over 30 single-sided high resolution prints of vegenaut‘s most mind-bendingly intricate and well-known works. from abstract page-spanning aggregations of alien microbial life, to bizarre horned goddesses and their artifacts, the pages of the vegebook were the coloring public’s first glimpse into vegeworld, the strange alien world of nick dolan‘s imagination. vegebook rightly earned nick dolan a reputation as one of the most stylistically unique adult coloring book illustrators in the world today. click the cover to learn more.


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vegeflectionsis the symmetrical companion to vegedex and the successor to vegepatterns. focused on repetition and symmetry, vegeflections offers opportunities for chromatic exploration of seemingly extraterrestrial quilts, snowflakes, mandalas, and tesselations. the designs in its 55 pages range from simple to mind-bendingly intricate and many can be neatly cut out and displayed around your domicile, or superglued to your neighbors car. click the cover to learn more

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vegepatterns contains over 65 single-sided original vegenaut illustrations including snowflakes, tesselations, mandalas, quilts, and all sorts of other weird, undefinable alien things just waiting for your own chromatic interpretation. nick dolan’s unique take on these classical, symmetrical schemes provides a coloring book that is unmatched in its level of immersion and attention to detail. with the same unmistakable style, twice the designs, and at least 10 times the symmetry of the vegebook, vegepatterns is a massive and very worthy follow-up to vegenaut‘s previous best-selling chromatome. click the cover to learn more.

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vegepocket is a condensed coloring book field guide to vegeworld that is printed in a handy pocket-sized format. this new book is an absolutely crucial reference for any planar traveler planning an extended visit to vegeworld. it pulls over 40 select illustrations from among the other four vegebooks and organizes them by chapter with descriptive text (in vegescript) to help you make sense of some of the more common plants, creatures, gods/goddesses, and artifacts you will encounter in vegeworld. this new smaller format makes vegepocket the first vegebook designed for coloring on-the-go and the single-sided illustrations have been curated and edited specifically for the new smaller format. click the cover to learn more.